Download and install SSIPTV from LG Smart World

Open LG Smart World and search for "SS IPTV"

Search result will sho SS IPTV, click on the result

Clink on "INSTALL" button and the RUN once install the app

Configure SS IPTV for Premium 

It will show main SS IPTV screen, we have to add our Premium IPTV list from Online Best TV, click on the settings wheel on the top right.

The settings screen appear, click on "Contents" and then on "External play lists (1/5)"

Click on "+ ADD" to create our IPTV Premium Online Best TV list

Enter the title, anything you want... in this case "Online Best TV"

Then click on Source text box and enter the URL we sent you, remember that your Premium IPTV is activated as soon as the order si completed.

Then just click on "SAVE" button and then the top right arrow to go back to main screen.

Add favorite channels on SS IPTV

Main SS IPTV screen will show, after the EPG information for all 18.000+ channels, series and movies is loaded. You now have a new box with "Online Best TV" channels.

Click on "Online Best TV" box and it will show all channels, series and movies properly grouped. 

We will click on "Spain" box to check all available channels.

Wow, there is a lot... you can navigate back and forward using the left and right arrows. We will click on "Historia" channel.

Now we are watching Historia España channel, we will add it to our Favorites.

To add it we have two options, use your remote control "blue" button or selecting the "Gear wheel" and choose YES on Favorite appearance

Go back to main screen using the top right arrow and choose Favorite box.

Favorite box content is displayed, as you can see there is just a few channels, and they are also grouped, in this case Spain has one, let's check it out.

There it is, Historia España, now you know how to add favorite channels to SS IPTV.

Everytime you turn on the TV, if you want to watch Online Best Premium IPTV just click "My Apps" either on your remote or from home screen and select SS IPTV.

We recommend you to start trying our Premium IPTV trial and if you like it (we are sure you'll do) choose the any of our Premium IPTV Plans